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Being a girl

Everything that's been on my way

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Hm...who am I? I can tell you what my interests are..I love to hang around with my friends. I like to go shopping even if I do not have so much money that I could call it "shopping" ..I could call it mostly "window-shopping". Then I love the cinema and movies or series in general. I have always been a huge fan of Tv and series.. in former times I've always watched "Dawson's Creek" or "Buffy" or "7th Heaven" - the series one watches when one's younger and doesn't know where to belong. Later on it was "Sex and the city" or "Gilmore girls"... but still I'm a huge fan of all these series and more.. I cannot name them all. Since I've started here many things have changed... I'm not living at home anymore..so there had to be an update here:) I'm studying Theology in Bonn and it's already my 3rd year here..wow..as time goes by. So ... another town, another time..but still me.